York Civil Safety Supervisor, Scott Harvey, was announced as the recipient of the “Best Individual Workplace Health and Safety Award” at the South Australian 2014 Civil Contractor Federation Industry Awards.

Scott was recognised for his safety role on the Goodwood Junction Rail Upgrade Separation. He was responsible for controlling personnel exposure to risk, through detailed reviews of employees’ and subcontractors’ proposed work methods.  He was also recognised for his supervision of high risk activities, encompassing confined space, working at depth, working at heights and the interaction of personnel with plant equipment.

Scott achieved zero lost time and medically treated injuries, complied to strict SA Water, York Civil and legislative requirements and ensured all high risk work was completed without incident or injury.


Through extensive consultation and review of procedures with subcontractors in regards to proposed work methods, Scott enabled best practice to be adopted in all circumstances.

As a Safety Supervisor for York Civil, Scott has spent five years contributing to the safe delivery of significant projects, including the Northern Expressway ($330 million, Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure), Brisbane Terminal Redvelopment ($96 million, DP World) and North South Interconnection System Project Gilberton Pump Station ($7 million, SA Water).

During this time he has embraced the the York Civil Work Safe Home Safe Culture and the York Civil Safety System. His individual performance has contributed to the organisation’s current achievement of a total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of zero.

York Civil congratulates Scott on his award and recognition by his peers.