York Civil is proud to bring its rich history of water infrastructure experience to Western Australia in its first project for the Water Corporation.

To meet future demand in Perth’s South West Corridor, Water Corporation is building a wastewater treatment plant at East Rockingham. York Civil was awarded the contract by the Water Corporation to deliver concrete structures and fabrication and installation of in-ground pipework (including the influent and effluent lines) for Stage 1A of the project.The scope of work involves design and construct of the secondary clarifiers and construction of all other concrete structures, including:

  • temporary wastewater inlet works,
  • bio-selector,
  • oxidation ditches,
  • return activated sludge pump station foundation,
  • water and sewer pump station foundation,
  • operations buildings foundations,
  • odour control facilities,
  • temporary effluent pump station,
  • foundations for transformers,
  • substation and bridges.

York Civil delivered its first water infrastructure project for the South Australian water authority, SA Water, in 1998 undertaking construction of the Loxton Irrigation Pipeline. Since then it has maintained a 16 year relationship with SA Water, delivering 19 separate projects at an accumulated value in excess of $100million.

York Civil looks forward to bringing its expertise and lessons learned from these projects to Western Australia and establishing a similar working relationship with Water Corporation.