York Civil, in collaboration with client Stanwell Corporation, is pleased to announce their joint entry into the CCF Earth Awards has won in Category 3, $10m to $30m, for 2015.

The ash dam at Tarong Power Station contains approximately 41,000m³ of ash. At the planned rate of filling, the dam will reach its maximum ash capacity in the year 2020.

It was therefore necessary to increase the space available for ash storage by reducing the required stormwater storage volume in the ash dam through the effective reduction in the size of the ash dam catchment. The Black Creek Diversion Channel is designed to carry storm water from the Black Creek catchment around the ash dam into Meandu Creek.

York Civil was awarded the contract for the diversion around the ash dam, which comprised 570,000m³ earthworks, one road bridge, one pipe services bridge and 4.7km of new and re-worked unsealed roads.

Constructed through dense scrub, Simon Green, Queensland State Manager says of the Project, “This was a challenging Project which required intensive planning and management by our project team and Stanwell in a very constrained site to ensure project requirements could be met with minimal impact on the surrounding environs. Their efforts have been rewarded tonight!”

The Diversion Channel is 3.2km in length, and typically 30m wide at natural surface level.

A drone flyover of the entire project can be viewed here.