The Torrens Road to River Torrens project, which has been underway since May 2015, will be extended by one kilometre after the identification of cost savings in the project budget.

The project, a non-stop motorway which is expected to be completed in 2018 and previously stopped at the intersection of Torrens and South Roads, will now extend beyond the intersection and terminate at the corner of Pym Street at Croydon Park.

The cost savings have been derived from fewer service relocations such as gas and electricity being required and also several design innovations, according to State Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan.

“This has all meant that we can now extend the [South Road] project under Torrens Road. This is a great result for over 100,000 motorists and truck drivers we expect to use this part of South Road [daily] when it’s finished.”

The extension of the project will allow drivers to expect an average saving of 7.5 minutes by skipping six intersections including the Outer Harbor train line and Port and Grange Roads.

The project will leave only one kilometre of existing road between the current project and the beginning of the South Road Superway at Regency Park. Mr Mullighan has confirmed that there will be a connection between the two upgraded sections of the corridor in the next ten years.

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