Our capabilities include;


We deliver building services on major infrastructure assets in all industries. Works have included architecturally detailed buildings that have housed transformers and reactors, remote mine site facilities and camp accommodation, control rooms for power generation plants, train stations, pump stations, office buildings, industrial workshops and warehouses.
Our capabilities extend to structural works, architectural works, electrical services, hydraulic services, gas line services, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, fixtures, furnishings, equipment, fit-outs, civil works and building foundations, bulk and detailed earthworks, pavements and landscaping.

Civil and StrSDC15615_lructural

In our 25 year history York Civil has delivered numerous infrastructure projects across all disciplines of civil and structural construction. We have won numerous awards for our civil and structural works for bridge, road, channel regulator and port projects. With our extensive fleet of plant and equipment, skilled operators and tradespeople as well as the management teams to support them, York Civil self-performs all aspects of civil and structural works on all our projects. We have the capacity to perform works both on and over water, and the traffic management expertise to safely manage through traffic for rail, road and pedestrian commuters.

Our civil experience includes:

  • Concrete works – bulk, detailed, drainage, footings, foundations, slabs, tanks, walls, weirs
  • Earthworks – bulk, detailed, landscaping
  • Pavements and asphalt – airports, hardstands, roads, run-of-mine pads
  • Remediation – contaminated, rehabilitation
  • Soil nailing and ground improvement
  • Structural steel and fabrication – bridges, heavy machinery supports, pipe racks, tanks, towers, pressure vessels
  • Tunnelling – concrete, micro-tunnelling, rock
Demolition and Environmental Remediation

We have expertise in the demolition of structures and other infrastructure that may be required as part of a project, and removal of demolished materials from the site. This ranges from reinforced concrete or steel framed buildings to marine structures with difficult access conditions. Where demolition involves exposing contaminated material we have the systems and the expertise to manage the safe removal or treatment of the contaminated soil, groundwater and building materials. These works are undertaken in strict accordance with an Environmental Management Plan developed for the project, including compliance with relevant legislation, authority and client requirements.


York Civil has delivered numerous projects in marine environments including bridge foundations over work, offshore earthworks, breakwaters, on port facilities, and river based regulating structures and fishways.
We have the capacity to perform works both on and over water, and the traffic management expertise to safely manage through traffic for marine commuters.

Mechanical and ElectricalIMG_0016

Whether it is site services for a mine site establishment, underground services for
developments or industrial complexes, water and wastewater treatment plants, traffic signalling and signage for freeways, or lighting and pump stations for a port facility, York Civil has the skills and capability to deliver mechanical and electrical services across complex infrastructure assets. Our mechanical and electrical capabilities includes the delivery of cabling, fire systems, generators, pump stations, security systems, transformers, instrumentation, controls and SCADA systems.


York Civil provides engineering and construction services to rail clients requiring skilled people, rail appropriate plant and equipment, materials logistic planning, and complex traffic management solutions. Our works on rail projects have included ballast laying, demolition works, earthworks, electrical works, pavements, bridge works, landscaping, building works, cabling and signalling. We are experienced in working in live rail environments, scheduling works around rail transport timetables, and in working to the Rail Safety Act 2007 and AS4292.1 Rail Safety Management.


York Civil operates and maintains a large fleet of piling equipment with skilled operators able to deliver piling solutions both on land and water. Our capabilities include continuous flight augered piles, concrete piles, bored piles, driven piles, soil nails for earth reinforcing, cofferdams and sheet piles. Our experienced staff can assist in the interpretation of geotechnical data and then advise on the appropriate plant requirements for piling works. A significant portion of our works is marine piling for wharf and bridge construction. With our fleet of barges and a wide variety of piling rigs and cranes, we can achieve accurate, safe and fast delivery of pile installation.


York Civil is able to offer pipeline construction solutions, delivered by our own people, plant and160426_Darlington Pipeline equipment with specialist expertise in trenching, rock excavation, pipe laying, joining, welding, directional boring, micro-tunnelling, tie-ins, service relocations, cathodic protection, pressure testing and commissioning. We have laid pipelines within large wastewater treatment plants, within residential and commercial districts, and in remote desert locations. Our experience includes all types of piping materials from mild steel cement lined (MSCL), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high density polyethylene (HDPE), in sewer, storm water and other applications.