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Water Corporation Ltd


$25 million


Perth, Western Australia

Contract Period:

April 2014 - June 2015

East Rockingham Wastewater Treatment Plant Civil and Concrete Works

The East Rockingham Wastewater Treatment Plant projects involves the construction of an activated sludge nitrogen removal facility owned by Water Corporation.

The minimum initial process capacity will be at least 20ML per day for Stage 1A. York Civil have been engaged to construct the concrete structures and detailed earthworks, install all below ground piping including MSCL, HDPE and PVC, and install the structural, mechanical and pipe works.

Scope of works included design and construct of the secondary clarifiers and construct only of all other concrete structures, including temporary wastewater inlet works, bio-selector, oxidation ditches, return activated
sludge pump station foundation, water and sewer pump station foundation, dissolved air flotation tank, sludge
blending tank foundation, centrifuge building, operations buildings foundations (administration and workshop), odour
control facilities, temporary effluent pump station, minor sumps and pits, and foundations for transformers, substation,
cable ducts and bridges.