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Department of Water, Land, Biodiversity and Conservation and SA Water


$9 million


Goolwa, South Australia

Contract Period:

June 2009 – November 2009

Goolwa Channel Regulator

York Civil worked with SA Water and the Department of Water, Land, Biodiversity and Conservation to manage acid sulphate soils in the Goolwa Channel, Finniss River and Currency Creek.

This was achieved by constructing a temporary environmental flow regulator in the Goolwa Channel at Clayton, as well as temporary environmental flow regulators at Finniss River and Currency Creek.

The York Civil team transported and placed over 140,000m3 of material within a six-week operation for the main Clayton regulator structure. A further 150,000m3 of material was transported and included in the construction of additional sections of Clayton and Currency Creek Regulators.

The pumping of 27.5GL of water over the embankment took place over an eight week period.

The project received a commendation at the 2010 Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards – Category 3 Project Value between $5 and $20 million (South Australia).