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SA Water Corporation




Adelaide, South Australia

Contract Period:

August 2016 - current

Hope Valley Tank Upgrade ECI

The concrete lined water storage facility at Hope Valley, EL170, which is commonly known as ‘Terminal Storage’, has a storage capacity of 136ML. The Hope Valley tank provides water for downstream customers in the Adelaide Metropolitan region, and can also be directed into the outlet of the Hope Valley Filtered Water storage to supply Western Adelaide zones. A roof was installed over the previously open tank, which is supported by 117 concrete columns and numerous concrete girders, rafters and purlins.

An Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Design and Construct (D&C) process for the Hope Valley tank was required after an investigation following a partial roof collapse in January 2010. The report found that the concrete columns were deteriorated and that the tank would need to be taken offline for repairs.

The first stage of a two phase process, York Civil undertook the ECI with SA Water to develop the project scope, providing valuable constructability input based on our previous experience, as well as developing designs and specifications to enable a robust pricing outcome.

York Civil implemented its Multi Criteria Assessment (MCA) tool during the ECI, which was previously used successfully on Bolivar WWTP project. The MCA identifies the key drivers for a project and then uses them to rate proposed options and decide which of the options are best to take through for development. This analysis is a robust system that provides a whole-of-project picture, enabling more definitive and cost effective comparison, prioritisation and procurement opportunities.

Following the ECI, York has since embarked on the D&C Phase, with the team mobilising to site to commence the repair works. This phase involves the removal and replacement of the 125m x 175m roof and repairs to the 117 columns.

This $21.6 million upgrade will benefit Torrens residents in the suburbs of Gilles Plains, Hillcrest and Holden Hill by continuing to deliver them quality water, and provides local employment opportunities during the refurbishment phase.

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