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SA Water


$72 million


Riverland, South Australia

Contract Period:

January 2004 – April 2014

Murray River Improvement Locks and Weirs 1, 2, 4 to 9

Since 2007 SA Water and the Murray Darling Basin Authority have worked together to restore the health of the Murray River, one of the most important sources of potable water and natural habitat in Australia.

The Locks and Weirs project formed part of the plan to rehabilitate the native fish population through an extensive fishway construction program to improve fish migration and the overall riverine health.

The project also included modifying navigable passes within the locks and weirs at each barrier between Lake Hume and the sea.

York Civil worked on 8 Stages of the project, constructing the navigable passes which involved removal of existing steel trestles and replacement with concrete piers, demolition of the existing concrete piers and construction of replacement piers, fabrication and installation of structural steel deck units to be used as ‘removable sections’, and the supply and installation of pre-stressed concrete stop logs.

Works on the Locks and Weirs 7 and 8 won the Civil Contractors Federation SA Earth Awards in 2009. Other award winning projects can be viewed here.