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OZ Minerals


$6 million


Prominent Hill, South Australia

Contract Period:

April 2014 - November 2014

Prominent Hill Tailings Storage Facility Stage 3 Raise

York Civil was awarded the construction work (Stage 3) for the raising of the tailings storage facility within the Integrated Waste Landform at Prominent Hill mine site, 650km northwest of Adelaide.

Works include bulk earthworks to raise the existing upstream zone of perimeter embankments with compacted clayey mine waste and to raise the decant access causeway. Raising was by a nominal 5.0m from the current crest level.

A filter zone was constructed between the compacted clay zone and the downstream rock waste zone in order to reduce the potential for migration of fines into the downstream zone.

The project was delivered in a tight program, transporting 780,000m³ of stockpile an average distance of 2.5km per load. Clay liner compacted in 0.3m layers and decant causeway compaction achieved in 1m layers.