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SA Water


$12 million


Adelaide, South Australia

Contract Period:

February 2013 – June 2014

Queensbury Wastewater Pump Station Upgrade

Queensbury Wastewater Pump Station infrastructure is being upgraded due to its age and the growth that has been experienced across the network.

York Civil was awarded the contract to install a new conventional wastewater pump station to replace the existing pump station, and to design and install an odour control plant.

The new pump station was built in parallel with the existing operational pump station, allowing continued operation until the new pump station was commissioned and brought into operation.

The existing pump station was then decommissioned including partial demolition and back fill. A new odour control plant was designed and constructed on the site of the existing pump station.

A case study has since been conducted by Engineering Education Australia on the project, and the role that the collaborative approach played in its success. To read the article, click here.