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John Holland


$7.75 million


Port Augusta, South Australia

Contract Period:

December 2014 - October 2015

Sundrop Farms Civil Works

Sundrop Farms is a leader in sustainable horticulture for the arid world, growing high-value crops using seawater and
sunlight. As the world’s population continues to grow, traditional agriculture puts increasing pressure on our planet’s finite resources. Sundrop Farms decouples food production from those resources by relying on nature’s abundance of sunlight and saltwater to grow the world’s food industry — not just profitably, but also sustainably.

Sundrop is in the process of expanding its commercial greenhouse operations in Port August by 20 hectares. The
proposed development has been designed to use renewable resources forthe ongoing operations of the facility including a desalination plant for water supply and solar technology for power generation. The greenhouses will produce up to $50M of product per annum sold into Australian Supermarkets.

York Civil has been engaged to undertake civil works including the bulk earthworks construction of the platforms for the large greenhouses, construction of four large earth storage facilities, construction of a twin 610 and 4500mm GRP pipeline for seawater and brine water, 9km of in-ground services, concrete structures for solar towers, and granular pavements.

The scope of works includes bulk earthworks to the Greenhouse area, solar field and Power island, as well as storage ponds, pipeline construction and construction of sealed and unsealed roads and pavements.