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Defence SA


$2.4 million


Adelaide, South Australia

Contract Period:

June 2016 - November 2016

Techport CUF Wharf Extension

The Common User Facility (CUF) is located within Techport Australia, South Australia’s maritime precinct. A state owned facility, CUF consists of a shiplift, wharf, ship transfer system and dry berth for ship building and ship maintenance activities, and supports the Commonwealth and ASC in the construction of the Air Warfare Destroyers for the Royal Australian Navy. The wharf is currently 214m long, with this project adding two 11.2m long and 10m wide extensions.

Construction of the works include the following:

  • Removal of existing rock revetment and scour protection
  • Installation of 12no. piles
  • Installation of 70 lineal metres of sheet piling
  • Installation of new concrete deck
  • Installation of new berthing bollards
  • Installation of 2 new floating pneumatic fenders
  • Installation of scour and revetment rock