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Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


$896 million


Adelaide, South Australia

Contract Period:

May 2015 - current

Torrens Road to River Torrens

The Torrens Road to River Torrens upgrade is designed to cater for more than double the volume of traffic, improving travel times and reducing congestion at major intersections.

The State and Commonwealth government have contributed $896 million to the construction of the development which comprises a 3.4km section of new road between Torrens Road and Ashwin Parade including a 2km grade-separated (lowered) non-stop motorway with three lanes in each direction. The 2km grade-separated motorway runs down the centre of surface level roads offering access to intersections and major roads to the east and west, greatly reducing travel time and congestion for motorists.

The concept has taken into consideration the growing needs of Adelaide transport and infrastructure and produced a design which can seemingly interconnect with other parts of the non-stop North-South corridor in the near future.

It has also incorporated a rail overpass adjacent the newly reconfigured Port Road intersection, taking the Outer Harbour rail line cross off road, greatly reducing congestion for motorists.

Project Features

  • Six lane lowered motorway design
  • Parallel surface roads (at-grade) along the length of the lowered motorway to connect most local roads and arterial roads to South Road
  • Rail and Road bridges over the corridor
  • Intersection upgrades to Torrens Road, Hawker Street, Hurtle Street, Port Road, Grange Road/Manton Street and Ashwin Parade/West Thebarton Road
  • Improved cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • Landscaping and noise barriers (where required)
  • Substantial service relocation and protection works
  • Local road improvements
  • Traffic engineering, signage and intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

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