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Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


Adelaide, SA

Contract Period:

Februrary 2017 - Present

Adelaide EastLINK City Tramline Extension

York Civil has been awarded the contract to construct the long-awaited Adelaide EastLINK City Tramline Extension along North Terrace. The one-kilometre extension is the beginning of the CityLINK loop around the Adelaide CBD, and forms Stage One of planned EastLINK tram renovations. For Adelaide, the extension is a developing milestone, which will be constructed from the current King William Road to future development at East Terrace, featuring four new stops. The Tram extension is anticipated to be an easier primary source of transport for the Community, delivering time traveling savings within the CBD and beyond.

Design, construction and commissioning of Light Rail Infrastructure Works for the City Tram line includes renovations for Jetty Road and City South Light Rail Infrastructure, road and pedestrian Infrastructure, utility services, and Public Realm Improvements (Adelaide City Council Area) comprising:

  • New dual track light rail extension on North Terrace from King William Road to East End;
  • A ‘’Grand Junction’’ at the intersection of North Terrace and King William Road;
  • Key destination tram stops at East End Precinct, Educational Precinct, and the Institutional Precinct;
  • An upgrade to existing tramline infrastructure and services;
  • Supply and Installation of tramline overhead wiring and subsequent protection works;
  • New Signaling for Light railway including traffic signals, ‘‘T’’ signals, points and crossings;
  • Driver facilities at the East End tram stop;
  • Design and construction of new and existing pedestrian crossings;
  • Upgrade and construction for footpaths, landscaping, street lighting, street furniture, public art and other items;
  • Redesign, modification and upgrades to existing tram rail tracks and stop infrastructure at Jetty Road and City South locations.

Further City Tramline Information